Welcome Graduates to the Alumni Brotherhood!

We are proud to welcome these recent graduates into the Sigma Alpha Epsilon alumni brotherhood. Six of these seniors were founding fathers responsible for reestablishing PA Alpha Zeta. Check out their post-graduation plans, their favorite SAE memories, and the impact the fraternity made on their lives.


Trijal Kaistha – Malvern, PA
Major: Biology (Vertebrae Physiology)
“My favorite memories of SAE are when the six Founders and I were first initiated into this fraternity. Another favorite memory is receiving our chartering, because that was a culmination of 1.5 years of hard work that the founding class and the next class put in. I’m grateful for the memories, brotherhood, and leadership that I gained from being a part of SAE. After graduation, I will be taking a gap year to work in a hospital, but then eventually attend medical school.”


Thaddeus Kolb – Bethlehem, PA
Major: Chemical Engineering
“[My favorite memory was] the journey of restarting an organization from scratch. My plans for post-graduation are matriculating at Penn State Dickinson Law.”


Hunter Boyd – Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Biology (Neuroscience)
Minor: Psychology and Neurology
“[My favorite memories were] first time meeting Thad and Cole, the first brig trip, Lucas jumping through a table and Thad cutting himself on it, chartering. My post-graduation plans are to attend medical school pursuing a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) and a PhD in Neuroscience.”


Erik Danehy – Norwood, PA
Major: Finance
“[My favorite memory was the] charting ceremony. My plans for post-graduation are to be a Financial Analyst for Santander.”


Andrew Zero – Moscow, PA
Major: Labor Human Resources
“[My favorite memory was] getting to help rebuild the historic Alpha Zeta chapter at Penn State. My plans for post-graduation are to work in HR and employment relations in Philadelphia, PA.”


Ryan Chu – Riverdale, NJ
Major: Marketing
“My favorite memories are having our first recruitment events right after refounding SAE, tailgating with the fraternity before football games, and dancing in THON for the fraternity while having all my brothers supporting me on the floor and in the stands. Post-graduation, I will be a Functional Consultant at Oracle NetSuite in Austin, TX.”


Alexander Hamarich – Medford, NY
Major: Biology (Neuroscience)
“Dancing for THON while representing SAE was my favorite memory, along with being the family relations chair and creating relationships with our partnered THON families. I will also never forget the lifelong friendships I made with all of my SAE brothers during these past 2 short years, and the many times we spent hanging out at socials, philanthropy events, etc. Post-graduation, I am taking a gap year as a certified nursing assistant, and then attending medical school the following year.”


Braden Baird – Barrington, IL
Major: Psychology (Business-focused)
“[My favorite memory was] being able to grow the fraternity from where it started and making friendships that will last forever. Post-graduation, I will be a Client Service Associate at Gallagher.”


Quintin Simanski – Altoona, PA
Major: Accounting
“[My favorite memories are] the memories at the house with all of the guys. Post-graduation, I will attend graduate school at Penn State.”


Jeremy Shultz – Summit, NJ
Major: B.S. Economics
“[My favorite memory was] being able to be in two SAE chapters that were quite different and getting to experience the fraternity in multiple facets. My post-graduation plans are to work in finance.”


Brice Boas – West Chester, PA
Major: Finance
“My favorite memories from my time in SAE have been being a part of THON, hanging out at the house, and going out to eat with friends. I will start working in August at the company Vanguard.”