Here’s how Sigma Alpha Epsilon impacted my life

SAE is the place where we had a lot of firsts. It’s the place where we first ventured out of our hometowns, the first place we bonded to on campus, and the place where we first learned how to be real men. Read on to see what your brothers said about how Sigma Alpha Epsilon impacted their lives.

“Many of the values I hold today were formed during my college years,” Siegfried Behrens ’93 said. “SAE had a lot to do with that because values are introduced and reinforced throughout the entire process of pledging, active membership, and as an alumnus.”

When asked about his time in SAE, James D. Parmiter ’56 said, “I was a good ole’ country boy with smarts who learned to be a first-class gentleman.”

“I have been able to use my friends in the fraternity to further my career,” Jim Galvanek ’95 said. “They have been a built-in network for marketing my business.”

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